El ojo izquierdo

Digital experiences have the advantages of not having weight or occupy space, but the disadvantages of not having texture, or smell, or weight or occupy any space.

A photo in a display is very practical, sharing and reproduction are effortless and just a click away, but we know that a photo becomes real when it´s printed on a paper so you can touch it; it gains some weight and invite us to take a moment to look at it. Similar to the difference between listening to music or just having it on the background. Binding a series of photographs would be the next level; we pick and organize the photos to help the reader dive into the story they tell. And last but not least, it prevents you from tormenting your loved ones with 800 pictures slideshows…;). Because all of this, Miguel from Ondowood. who is a cabinetmaker and a bookbinder, and myself give so much importance to the album, after all it´s going to contain the memories you will share with the ones that could not be there, and will transport you to that day every time you open it as years go by.

As each biography is different, every project should be different too. We pick an idea from your history, a concept on which revolves around all design and material choosing work regarding the album and the wooden box that contains it, that for us are two parts of a whole.

Always unique objects, designed specifically for each project, hand made with first quality materials. We work with absolute involvement because your wedding becomes our personal project, always slow-cooked so we can delight ourselves in details, without skimp on efforts to bring to reality what we have imagined for you.