El ojo izquierdo

Juan David Cortés

My name is Juan David Cortes, I’ve been a photographer for ten years. I’ve worked in several fields of photography: editorial, documentary, advertising, corporate, etc. My experience should be this plus what I have inherited from my father, my grandfather and my great-grandfather, who were photographers.

I like to photograph from natural, without tricks nor photos that are just a mere display of virtuosity. Pictures should talk  more about you and how do you live that day that about what am I capable to do with a camera, and tell it in a way that that it echoes again every time you see them or share with whom couldn´t be there.

In weddings one of traditional uses of photography is recovered: to bear witness of major events in a family life, and I´m honored when invited to join the process. Besides, I get the chance to involve in all aspects of photographic work (edition, layout, binding, etc), so what begins as an assignment becomes a personal project.

The other pillar which my work is based on is dance and scenic arts photography, here you can visit my website

For any clarification, don´t hesitate to contact me.